Hunter Kempf

Class of 2017

Dsc 4067

Residence: Fisher Hall

Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA

College/School and Major: College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Why did you want to be part of Notre Dame's Orientation Steering Committee?

I was fortunate enough to have a great Freshmen Orientation when I came to Notre Dame, so I wanted to give back to and my sophomore year I helped out as a Hall Ambassador then Junior year I ran Fisher's Welcome Weekend as the Hall Captain and now I am helping to run the entire Welcome Weekend as a member of the Orientation Steering Committee.

What is one of your favorite guilty pleasure songs or artists?

Taylor Swift's Red Album

What is the one item that you brought with you to college that you were really grateful you decided to pack?

A Fan - The first few weeks on campus are usually very hot and humid and Fisher does not have AC so my box fan turned out to be my best investment.