Noemi Ventilla

Class of 2017


Residence: Pasquerilla East Hall

College/School and Major: College of Arts and Letters, Political Science, Peace Studies

Hometown: New York, NY

Why did you want to be part of Notre Dame's Orientation Steering Committee?

When I was moving into Notre Dame freshman year I was equal parts excited, terrified, self-conscious, confused and happy; my first weekend on campus was far from perfect and yet it made me feel at home and excited for what was to come. I wanted to be a part of OSC because I've grown to love Notre Dame while seeing its faults and believe that Welcome weekend is a great opportunity not only to showcase why Notre Dame is such an amazing place but also to grow as a community and improve.

What is one of your favorite guilty pleasure songs or artists?


What is the one item that you brought with you to college that you were really grateful you decided to pack?

Picnic Blanket