Intro to Guaranteed 4.0


Location: 101 DeBartolo Hall

Want top grades with less time spent studying? The Guaranteed 4.0 learning system gives you just that. In this one-hour seminar, Dr. Philip Sakimoto, Director of the Program for Academic Excellence, will introduce you to the core principles of Guaranteed 4.0 and give you access to opportunities to learn the entire system. This program is for you if you are concerned about achieving a high gpa at Notre Dame, confident in your abilities as an honors student but want to avoid undue stress and excessive time spent studying, or worried about your ability to learn effectively during the pandemic. Because Guaranteed 4.0 teaches you how to learn in ways that work in concert with the way your brain works, you will be able to take charge of your own learning regardless of the classroom situation with which you are faced. Hosted by the Center for University Advising.

Can't make it? Join virtually here!