Neil Joseph

Neil Joseph

Class of 2017


Residence: Stanford Hall

College/School and Major: College of Arts and Letters, Economics and Political Science

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Why did you want to be part of Notre Dame's Orientation Steering Committee?

I had an incredible first year orientation experience three years ago. It helped to instantly reassure me that the decision I made to go to Notre Dame was the right one for so many reasons. I truly felt like I was at home after only spending a couple days on campus. At the same time, I know and continue to meet people who didn't feel like Notre Dame's Orientation experience was the best for them. Notre Dame is such a special place for every person who goes here that I wanted everyone to felt the way I did in my first few days as a student.

What is one of your favorite guilty pleasure songs or artists?

Backstreet Boys and/or N'Sync (but quite frankly, all of my music is guilty pleasure)

What is the one item that you brought with you to college that you were really grateful you decided to pack?

My teddy bear