Rachel Becker

Rachel Becker Lores

Class of 2019

Residence: Lyons Hall

College/School and Major: Marketing

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why did you want to be part of Notre Dame's Orientation Steering Committee?

I wanted to become a member of the Orientation Steering Committee because I have tremendous pride and joy for the University of Notre Dame, and I wanted to turn my enthusiasm into action by helping to provide the smoothest possible transition for the incoming class of 2021. Personally, I did not know a lot about Notre Dame or South Bend going into my freshman year, but I quickly felt a part of a greater community after my own Welcome Weekend experience because of the people I met and life I could envision for my next four years. I have had a unique experience, living in two different dorms, but I feel that it has given me a greater perspective and appreciation for the uniqueness of Notre Dame’s residence hall community, which is a central aspect of the Welcome Weekend experience.

What is one of your favorite guilty pleasure songs or artists?

I'm a huge fan of Maroon 5, especially songs from their first album "Songs about Jane."

What is the one item that you brought with you to college that you were really grateful you decided to pack?

One item I was really grateful I decided to pack for college was a set of string lights, which added pizazz and personality to both of the dorm rooms where I lived!