Summer 2021 Student To-Do List and Enrollment Tasks

Summer 2021 Student To-Do List and Enrollment Tasks

The items below represent a summary of new student enrollment tasks. Additional tasks and details may be added throughout the summer. So, be sure to check your ND Gmail Account daily and return to this page routinely!


Activate your NetID and ND Gmail Account

Available: Dependent Upon Enrollment Date

In order to ensure you are able to effectively communicate with your new community, it is important that you set up your NetID and your Notre Dame email account. Click here to learn more!


Review and Plan within the First Year Advising Summer Calendar and Check List

Available: Now

(For First-Year Students Only)

Beginning May 11, 2021, First Year Advising will offer a preview of the advising, registration, and exploratory items that must be completed prior to Welcome Week. Click here to access the First Year Advising Summer Calendar and Check List!


Complete the Center for University Advising Summer 2021 Questionnaire

Available: Now

Deadline: May 27

(For First-Year Students Only)

To prepare for the Fall 2021 semester, the Center for University Advising and your First-Year Advisor will work with you to plan your first course schedule as a Notre Dame student. This planning takes place mostly in July. However, the first step in building this schedule and exploring your academic journey is to complete the Center for University Advising Summer 2021 Questionnaire. This survey provides us with an up-to-date glance at your academic interests, experience, and aspirations. Click here to complete the Questionnaire!


Authorize Payer(s) in IRISHPAY

Available: Now

Deadline: May 25

IRISHPAY is Notre Dame's online student account statement and payment system. Student accounts are set up automatically. Students must authorize their parents or guardians to access the system. The payer authorization process allows viewing privileges, as well as optional online payment capability. Use this link to Authorized Payers before May 25, 2021. Major Billing and due dates can be found here. You can also access IRISHPAY in the Just Around the Bend Site.


Access the "Just Around the Bend" Site

Available: Now

Beginning mid-May, first-year students will be able to access "Sakai," Notre Dame's current online environment designed to facilitate teaching, learning, and assessment at Notre Dame. As a student, many of your courses will use a similar platform to share information, enable collaboration and discussion, and provide feedback critical to your growth as a scholar. For the summer, Sakai is also a tool that you can use to complete several required tasks as you step into your first year at Notre Dame. 

To access the Just Around the Bend site:

1. Click here!

2. Login via your NetId

3. Select "Sites" in the topmost right corner

4. Select "Just Around the Bend 2021"


Complete Your "Home Under the Dome" Housing Application

Available: Now

Deadline: June 7

Notre Dame requires all undergraduate students to live on-campus for their first three years. The 2021-22 housing application and contract is available for you to complete beginning Tuesday, May 25, at 11:00 AM EDT. Once launched, you can access the Housing Application within the Just Around the Bend site.


Review the Center for Support and Care (as needed)

Available: Now

The Center for Student Support and Care is dedicated to providing Notre Dame students with comprehensive, individualized care. Their aim is to help students get connected to academic, social, physical, mental, financial, and spiritual support. Through consultation, advocacy, and resource promotion, the Center works on behalf of students to help them thrive at Notre Dame and beyond. Comprised of the Care and Wellness Consultants and Sara Bea Accessibility Services, the primary goal of the Center is to support and advocate for students with a variety of needs. If you were on a 504, had an IEP in high school, or think you may need accommodations while at ND, register with Sara Bea Accessibility Services. The Sara Bea team will begin reviewing the forms on May 24th.


Submit Immunization and Health History to University Health Services

Available: Now

Deadline: July 15

To protect the health and well-being of all students as well as the campus community, the University requires all incoming students to enter and submit their immunization information to University Health Services (UHS). Once launched, you can learn more and access the UHS Immunizations submission portal within the Just Around the Bend site.


Complete the Math Proficiency Quizzes (as needed)

Available: Now

Deadline: June 30

(For first-year students only)

All incoming first-year students planning to take any level of Calculus during their first year are required to take the Math Proficiency Quizzes by June 30, 2021. Learn more here!


Review and Register for a Mathematics Credit Exam (as needed)

Available: Now

Deadline: June 30

Notre Dame offers optional math credit exams for students who have taken calculus, statistics, or linear algebra, and differential equations but do not have AP, IB, or transfer credit for these courses. Learn more here!


Submit a Photo for Your Irish1Card

Available: Now

Deadline: July 1

As an incoming student, you are required to submit a photo for use on your Irish1Card. Your Irish1Card will be used to access most of what you’ll need once you arrive on campus including dining halls, residence halls, RecSports facilities, Hesburgh Library, and much more. Once launched, you can learn more about your Irish1Card and submit a photo by accessing the Just Around the Bend site.


Review and Respond to the Academic Code of Honor

Available: Now

Deadline: Before Welcome Week

At Notre Dame, our collective mission involves nurturing a sense of moral responsibility on the part of all involved in the teaching and learning enterprise, as well as fostering ideals reflective of those virtues at the heart of higher education in the Catholic tradition. You can learn more about the Academic Code of Honor and complete the required Undergraduate Academic Honor Code orientation within the Just Around the Bend site. 


Join an Advising Information Session with Peer Advisors (as needed)

Hosted: 7:00 PM EDT | June 23 and June 24

(For First-Year Students Only)

Across two identical nights, the Center for University Advising will host Zoom meetings in which incoming first-year students can engage with college-specific First Year Advising Teams and current students! Advisors and students from the College of Arts and Letters, Mendoza College of Business, College of Engineering, and College of Science are excited to welcome you! Click here to learn more!


Virtually Meet with Your First Year Advisor

Available: Late June and July

(For First-Year Students Only)

Virtually meet with your First Year Advisor to learn more about your partnership and how to prepare for course registration. Check your ND Gmail account on June 18 for an invitation from your First Year Advisor!


Complete IT Basics

Available: Now

Deadline: August 20

The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) is the central division that supports technology on campus. It develops innovative solutions and provides reliable services in support of Notre Dame's students, faculty and staff. Once launched, you can complete several required modules created by OIT within the Just Around the Bend site. 


Confirm your AP Scores have been Received and Recorded

Available: July 6

(For First-Year Students Only)

After July 6th, you can check to make sure that all of your AP scores have been received by the University of Notre Dame and recorded by the Center for University Advising and the Office of the Registrar.  If they haven’t, send your score report to your First Year Advisor. Learn more here!


Register for Your Fall 2021 Courses

Available: July 23 - 28

(For First-Year Students Only)

Throughout June and July, you will work with your First Year Advisor and the Center for University Advising to prepare to register for your first classes as a Notre Dame student. Information about course registration will be offered in your meeting with your First Year Advisor and communications throughout the summer. 


Register for Welcome Week's First Lectures Series

Available: Now

(For First-Year Students Only)

During Welcome Week's "First Lectures," you will attend a "First Lecture" and engage with some of Notre Dame's most dynamic and notable faculty members. Together with faculty, you will seek to answer the question, "How do I make the most of this time of scholarship and discovery?" Prior to Welcome Week, you will receive an invitation to explore various First Lecture options and register for your preference. Click here to register!


Complete the New Student Survey

Available: July 26-30

(For First-Year Students Only)

The University of Notre Dame participates in two consortial surveys of incoming undergraduate students. New students at many universities and colleges across the United States complete these surveys before the beginning of the fall semester. These studies help each educational institution to better understand the profile of its incoming class and contribute to educational outcomes assessment.

The week of July 26-30, you will receive an email invitation via your ND Gmail with the subject "2021 ND Survey of New Students" for either the Assistant Provost for Academic Advising or Strategic Planning and Institutional Research. Please follow the personalized link within this email invitation to complete the "New Student Survey" required task. 

At Notre Dame, the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research is responsible for survey administration and data management. All individual answers will be held in strict confidence, and only aggregate results will be reported. If you have any survey-related questions, please contact OSPIR at 


Complete the Building Community the Notre Dame Way Assignment

Available: Now

Deadline: August 23

One of our greatest blessings as a University is our strong community, where we aspire to cultivate a sense of connection and care for one another. You are expected to participate in and contribute to our community in many ways. In turn, the University wants to do all we can to support your safety, your well-being, and your formation. The Building Community the Notre Dame Way (BCND) program introduces this commitment to community. Once launched, you can learn more and access the BCND assignment within the Just Around the Bend site. 


Complete the AlcoholEDU Assignment

Available: Now

Deadline: August 23

The University has adopted this program, AlcoholEdu, as part of our comprehensive prevention efforts for new students. AlcoholEdu is designed to help you develop critical skills to make more thoughtful and intentional choices, reduce the negative consequences of alcohol use, and prepare to join a strong community of individuals working to make ND safer, healthier, and more inclusive every day. Once launched, you can learn more and access the AlcoholEDU assignment within the Just Around the Bend site. 


Additional Information and Opportunities


Check Your ND Gmail Account Daily

Check your ND Gmail Account daily! You will receive emails from Welcome Week, the Center for University Advising, Departments, Colleges, and Schools, and various offices within the Division of Student Affairs throughout the summer. 


Follow the Center for University Advising and Welcome Week on Social Media

As the Fall 2021 semester draws closer, our social media platforms will come to life with updates, reminders, stories, and opportunities to engage with your new Notre Dame community. These links are posted on the Welcome Week homepage.