Pre-Arrival To-Do List

Welcome Weekend's Canvas Site

(for all incoming students)

Beginning May 2023, incoming students will be able to access "Canvas," Notre Dame's online environment designed to facilitate teaching and learning.

As a student, many of your courses will use Canvas to share information, enable collaboration and discussion, and provide feedback critical to your growth as a scholar.

Canvas is also a tool that you can use to complete several other required tasks as you step into your first semester at Notre Dame. While many of these items are already available for your completion, some are accessible only after a specific date. Return to this list regularly throughout the summer to access newly-launched items.

How to access the Welcome Weekend Canvas Site

Soon after you've activated your NetId and enrolled your account in Okta, you will have access to the Welcome Weekend Canvas site!

To access the Welcome Week Canvas site:

1. Click here!

2. Login via your NetId (Don’t know your NetId? Click here!)

3. Identify and select the "Welcome Weekend January 2023" course site

4. Complete required tasks, explore additional resources, and review communications on the site.