Ghislain Trindade

Ghislain Trindade Ghislain Trindade

Ghislain Trindade is a rising senior, an ACMS major, and resides in McGlinn Hall. Her fun fact is that she's lived in every country that begins with the word 'united', and she's a Portuguese and Indian national, too. Around campus, Ghislain can be seen eating at South Dining hall with her friends, participating in events, or cramming for her next class in the alcove of the ACE building. She can also be found hanging out at Main Building where she works with International Admissions or working show shifts in Washington Hall as one of the building managers. Ghislain’s experiences as an international student and multicultural commissioner have shown her the diverse opportunities Notre Dame has to offer, and she is always excited to share what she has learned with anyone that comes her way. Ghislain loved her Welcome Weekend experience because it brought her lifelong friends and solidified her love of what she would find to be called the Notre Dame family, and so she is thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome the next cohort of Domers to campus!